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Posted By: Wolfgang
15-Jun-05 - 07:08 AM
Thread Name: BS: For Real. I quit
Subject: RE: BS: For Real. I quit
Whats the rest of Mudcat going to do for a "whippin boy" now? (Akenaton)

So early in this thread a good prediction hid in a question.

One cannot but hope this person is gone for good. I cannot understand how anyone can lament his goodbye. Even if I were a conservative as mg claimed to be I would have been embarrassed by the style. I would have blocked his access long ago.

On the other hand, I've never understood the 'take-a-stand' position when it became repetitive. Once or twice it is understandable, but quickly mg has made clear he would never react in a decent way to that approach. Good Mudcatters have lowered sometimes their style and argumentation for a fight with mg. Even if you can win a fight of words with mg in his style would you really want to win such a fight?

The let's-play-with-Martin game has become boring (perhaps even for him). There has been more than one political thread in which mg has been 'invoked' ("soon, Martin will come and tell us..."etc.) before even showing up for the first time. There have been threads in which mg only needed to post a link with a few harmless words and soon some reacted to this link as if mg had already insulted them in that very thread. A reactive anticipation of future abuse which of course invariably did come.