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Posted By: Hovering Bob
19-Jun-05 - 03:18 AM
Thread Name: American Stupidity....
Subject: RE: American Stupidity....
I'm not commenting on American stupidity, we Brits have no basis to speak from on that score. What gets me is the arrogance of the yanks in ignoring the rest of the world. I have american friends who love coming over here to the UK and elsewhere (on tour)and hearing the 'world news.'
The mush they are fed at home by the American media is all inward looking and ignores the rest of the world, except for the aspects their media/authorities consider worthy of inclusion. Or so I'm told.

Perhaps that's why they have a 'head in the sand' approach to global warming, 'not their problem' even though it is and they are the worse culprits, (or so I'm led to beieve by our media, and I've no way of knowing how impartial that is, do I).