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Posted By: YorkshireYankee
19-Jun-05 - 09:21 PM
Thread Name: worst rhyme ever
Subject: RE: worst rhyme ever
IMHO, many of the rhymes put forward here as "bad" are simply unorthodox, and many of them are absolutely brilliant.

I don't consider "moist" & "choice" a bad rhyme, but rather a "near-rhyme" - perhaps not quite as pleasing as a "perfect" rhyme, but still effective and evocative, and a type of rhyme that is not at all unusual.

What I do consider a bad rhyme is one that forces one to pronounce one of the "rhyming" words in a forced/contrived way, and/or does not fit the style of the rest of the song/poem/whatever.

As an example,here's a rhyme from (the otherwise wonderful) "Song of the Soul" by Cris Williamson:

Come to your life like a warrior
Nothing will bore ya

If Cris was English, I'd say it's an acceptable rhyme, as English folks would (and do) naturally pronounce words that end in ar/er/or as "ah", but in an American accent (at least, all the ones I can think of), trying to make the rhyme "work" calls attention to itself in a way that detracts from the song.

On the other hand, Ogden Nash & Tom Lehrer (whom I adore!) may well use (and use well [g]) many contrived rhymes, but they are used in songs/poems that are funny and playful, and are appropriate given the established mood of the work.

"Song of the Soul", however, is (to me) a moving, powerful, serious song -- joyful even -- but not a playful, humorous, silly song, so for me the warrior/bore ya line really jars. In the end, perhaps it comes down to context as much as anything else...