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Posted By: gnomad
21-Jun-05 - 07:44 AM
Thread Name: BS: Mudcat Low Dive
Subject: RE: BS: Mudcat Low Dive
Ahaa, finally the Tavern shows its dark side, think I could fit in here.

Pass a slop tray someone, I've got my own syphon tube for the beer, but I want to have some means of keeping my nuts (edible) from getting mixed with my nuts (personal) if you see what I mean. Hickory smoked almonds, mmm.

Is that jello I feel dripping through the ceiling? Could add a certain something to the flavours down here, but I think I need another slop tray for a lid.

The lot upstairs are giving it some welly, but they are going to have a serious panic if that tea urn starts the jello pit above boiling, better turn it off and stick to appropriately low forms of refreshemnt. Aaah, Riggwelter, that will do nicely, I'll just tape the syphon to my cheek, then I can use both hands to feel around..... how many doors are there?