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Posted By: Joe Offer
22-Jun-05 - 02:53 PM
Thread Name: BS: rudities
Subject: RE: BS: rudities
Hi, Sooz -

In the Help Forum, there's a thread called Bawdy Filter. It's not always on the Help Forum Menu, but you can always find it by putting bawdy in the Filter box and setting the age back. Does that filter get you past Net Nanny?

I've heard lots of complaints about threads with naughty names in the Forum Menu, and people say that the filters won't allow access if those words are on the list. As far as I can recall, you're the first person who has actually had problems, though. All the other complaints seem to be people saying that net nanny and other profanity filters might block access. I tried it from the children's section of my library, and had no problem getting access to Mudcat. Please try our "bawdy filter" in the Help Forum and let me know if it works. Probably best to send me a personal message, so I don't miss it.

This really doesn't happen all that often on Mudcat that we have a "naughty" word on the active Forum Menu, so I hate to get too worked up about it (although my saying that may be enough to get the trolls worked up). If you use the Filter to look for objectionable words, you'll see it isn't very often that we've had threads like that. I realize that there is a difference of opinion about the titles of the John Mehlberg threads and about the legitimacy of his research - but a significant number of people DO value his research and DO think his thread titles are appropriate. That being the case, our usual inclination is to err on the side of freedom of speech and permit John to title threads as he wishes. The argument about "Net Nanny" blocking access is also legitimate - but I want hard facts, proof that our Bawdy Filter doesn't get around Net Nanny.

-Joe Offer-