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Posted By: chico
23-Jun-05 - 01:51 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Virginian Marseillaise
Subject: Lyr Add: Virginian Marseillaise

          F         C7       F   Dm          Bb       Gm   C7 F
Virginia hears the dreadful summons, sounding hoarsley from afar
                      (Bb) C    Gm   (D7 Gm)    C7       F
On her sons she calls and calmly bids them now prepare for war
Bids them now prepare for war

                        7       F       7       Bb      G7          C
With manly hearts and hands to aid her, she cares not how her foeman swarm
    Fm                      C    C7+       Fm                           C
She bares her bosom to the storm, while she laughs, to scorn the pround invader

7 F             C (7)    F                  C
To Arms! Brothers dear. Gird on, the trenchant brand
(7)   F      C    F7   Bb   F B°   C   C9   F       C7      F
Strike Home! Strike Home! No craven fear! For home and native land!

Shall the sons of Old Virginia prove unworthy of their sires
No! They'l show the haughty foeman, That in fight, she "never tires"
With fav'ring heaven to befriend her To whome alone she bends the knee
'Til ev'ry foot of soil is free she her sacred cause will ne'er surrender

A ray of never dying glory, shall Virginia's brows o'erspread
Men unborn shall tell the story, how their fathers fought and bled
While fairest hands their wounds were tending and brightest eyes the dead bewailed
How not a noble bosom quailed, E'en to die, their native land defending

[Entered according to Act of Congress in the Year 1863, by George Dunn in the clerk's office of the district court of the

confederate states of America, for the eastern district of virginia]