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Posted By: GUEST
24-Jun-05 - 10:09 AM
Thread Name: BS: Nicky Tin Patches:Who's Tried 'em?
Subject: RE: BS: Nicky Tin Patches:Who's Tried 'em?
Success rate with/without patch is same. The patch will help you through the irritability as long as you wear it. The only thing I can see is that there is an offset between how much better you will feel physically without the smokes and the irritability as you decrease the nicotine delivery from the patch.

Re price, you can cut one 21mg patch into smaller pieces and not spend as much money when you start to decrease the nic delivery.

There are 'side effects' and some can be dangerous. So, go take a class or get info from the various health groups and try to cut down and then quit. It ain't easy, but cold turkey is actually the best way. However, quitting cold turkey is dangerous for friends, relatives, small animals, and inanimate objects that will do whatever they can to raise your ire. Get help!

Here's the real bitch about the patch... the dreams and night sweats. I HAD to take mine off about an hour before bedtime in order to sleep.

I suppose you might be wondering about my success rate. Hang on while I get another cup of tea and a smoke... and stop coughing. Makes it hard to type.

Good luck.