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Posted By: ejsant
25-Jun-05 - 05:36 AM
Thread Name: BS: Nicky Tin Patches:Who's Tried 'em?
Subject: RE: BS: Nicky Tin Patches:Who's Tried 'em?
After smoking for three packs of Marlboro regulars a day for nearly thirty two years it was the patch and Wellbutrin that finally was enough of an aid to quit. I haven't looked back in over five years.

I think being successful at quitting smoking cigarettes is more a matter of motivation than the aids used although the aids seem to offer a little more strength in resolve as immediate capitulation to the temptation can be avoided. Nothing weakens resolve more quickly that yielding to temptation.

I will say though some of the dreams were rather bizarre although I'm not sure if dream activity increased or it was just a matter of an elevation in dream recall ability.

Good luck.