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Posted By: sophocleese
17-Dec-99 - 04:57 PM
Thread Name: BS: Hangover Cure
Subject: RE: BS: Hangover Cure
Sympathies Patrish. Last night I went to hear a friend play at Casino Rama. First time I'd ever been there. I drank like a fish., but I don't many fish with headcahes like the one I got today. I haven't been drunk like that in years. I spent the morning in bed sleeping and drinking lots of water whenever I woke up. AAAARGH!!! I'm going out tonight and I am NOTrepeating last night. Oh the music was good despite a visible audience of less than ten. The weirdest thing in the Casino is the noise. All the machines make noise and the overall effect is of an indefinitely sustained chord with little diddlebrips here and there in it. The chord is C so if I'd brought my guitar I could have played along with it. The music drowned it out but whenever they finished a song it was still there. I kept wanting to hum to it the way I do with any music that's playing.