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Posted By: *daylia*
25-Jun-05 - 08:20 AM
Thread Name: BS: Nicky Tin Patches:Who's Tried 'em?
Subject: RE: BS: Nicky Tin Patches:Who's Tried 'em?
Look gnu, mind yer own bloody blessed cornflakes ok? And hey, if you're anywhere near proximate, LET'S GO do the Great-Canadian-Saturday-Morning-at-Tim's thing. Right now! I'll even let you buy me an medium ice cap (with chocolate milk) and a whole wheat carrot muffin! JUst plain, no butter. And a snack pack of timbits for later - make 'em as chocolatey as possible. And maybe a couple blueberry bagels, and one of those sweet strawberry Timtarts, and .... and ...

Oh forget it. I'm feeling WAY too blubbery now. Like, WAY!! Gotta make my way outside for some deep breathing and some fresh air ...

gotta light?