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Posted By: Amos
25-Jun-05 - 11:17 AM
Thread Name: BS: Nicky Tin Patches:Who's Tried 'em?
Subject: RE: BS: Nicky Tin Patches:Who's Tried 'em?
The gum, in my exp[erience, was ap erfect replacement for smoking except that Ihe user can ramp up to greater and greater amounts of gum.

I never had aproblem with patches falling off, but they didn't really work for my smoking habit.

The tablets -- called "Commit" worked much better for me. I quit for two years, back slid for a couple of months and am off the smokes again, using the tablets.

In my experience there are two kinds of addiction. Nicotine is the dtrongest chemical addiction. But I have found in talking to people that sopme people -- predominantly women -- are more addicted to the behaviours than the chemistry and the hardest part of quitting for them is giving up all the little behavioral triggers, like lighting up when th phone rings or when having a drink. I don't think a chemical solution will help solve a behavioral addiction.

But for me, I swear by "Commit" tabs.

Except that they are hard to get out of the foil packet.