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Posted By: Roberto
26-Jun-05 - 03:36 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Banks of Green Willow (from Butterworth)
Subject: Lyr Req: Banks of Green Willow (from Coope, Boyes
I'd like to complete this text. Banks of Green Willow sung by Coope, Boyes and Simpson, Triple Echo, No Masters Co-operative. The song was sung by Mr and Mrs Cranstone of Billinghurst in Sussex to George Butterworth in 1907. There is a stanza I can't get. Thanks. R

Oh it's of a young sea captain
Lived by the seaside-O
He courted a farmer's daughter
And he made her a bride-O

Go and fetch some of your father's gold
Likewise your mother's money
And you shall sail along with me
And I'll make you my honey

She fetched some of her father's gold
Likewise her mother's money
And she did sail along with him
To the Banks of Green Willow

They had not been aboard ship
Six months or so many
Before she wanted woman's help
And she couldn't get any

......woman's help
.....for thee
For love nor for money

Come bind a napkin round my head
Come bind it so softly
And then throw me overboard
Both me and my baby

So he bound a napkin round her head
He bound it so softly
And then throwed her overboard
Both she and her baby

Oh look you boys, oh look you there
Oh see how she quivers
She swam till she came to
The Banks of Green Willow

Oh my love shall have a coffin made
Lined with gold and bright silver
And she shall be buried on
The Banks of Green Willow

Come you toll the bell, come toll the bell
Come you toll it so softly
For it's my true love that is dead and gone
Whom I once loved so dearly