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Posted By: Margo
17-Dec-99 - 09:26 PM
Thread Name: BS: Hangover Cure
Subject: RE: BS: Hangover Cure
Hey Big Mick!!! I too have no hangovers from Guiness! Extra stout for me!!! Yes, you have it right, DRINK LOTS OF WATER BEFORE GOING TO BED, AND TAKE PAIN RELIEVER OF YOUR CHOICE! And when you wake up in the wee hours to go to the john, DRINK MORE WATER!! I got rip roaring drunk on rum (at least three sheets to the wind) last year, and my husband had me drink the water and take the asprin. When I awoke the next morning.... tired, but NO HANGOVER!!! I'm a believer! (Hah, knew music would come into it somewhere... all I had to do was Monkee around!) I'm ducking for cover,