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Posted By: Patrish(inactive)
18-Dec-99 - 08:48 AM
Thread Name: BS: Hangover Cure
Subject: RE: BS: Hangover Cure
Many thanks for all your suggestions. I don't drink to excess on a regular basis and the idea of hugging a toilet visiting my old friend "hughie" is not something I relish.... so I will not be repeating thursday nights' folly for a while. (never say never again)
I drank loads of water had some paracetamol and had a greasy fry up for my tea. By about 10pm I felt human again, so I had a glass of cider and went to bed.
All my work colleagues said that even though clearly inebriated, that I behaved very well and was the life and soul of the evening apparantly I am very good at impersonating people and had them all laughing. Well you might be saying "isn't it a shame she had to get blotto to be relaxed enough to have some fun"
No excuses - you could be right!
Thank you all again