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Posted By: gnu
28-Jun-05 - 03:53 PM
Thread Name: BS: Nicky Tin Patches:Who's Tried 'em?
Subject: RE: BS: Nicky Tin Patches:Who's Tried 'em?
They took pics of the young male 2 year old standing at the trap. This went on for a few days. The trap door would not trip. And, the Wardens had a gun and tranquilizers but they are using new drugs and nobody had any training as to how much drugs the bear should get. He got a shitload of donuts!!! For about three days!!!

And, when the DNR trap wouldn't work, one of the neighbours tried to lasso it. I wish he would have. We need to clean the scum out of the gene pool.

Finally, just after the pic in the paper of him at the door of the trap was taken, he went in and one of the guys in the neighbourhood ran at the trap. The bear saw him coming and tried to get out, but buddy DOVE like a cornerback after an interception and sprung the door shut. Ended up getting the wind knocked out of him. When he was interviewed about it he said, " Enough is enough."

Ah, ya gotta live here ta get it eh? Now, why didn't Alpine beer cash in on all this free publicity. I wonder if the bear is on Tim's payroll?