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Thread Name: Lyr Req: Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss
The Frank C Brown Collection of North Carolina Folklore groups several versions of this under the "Fly Around My Blue-Eyed Girl" heading. As Stewie correctly pointed out the verses hop around especially in the play-party sets. The Brown Collection puts the "Coffe Grows On White Oak Trees" group in the play party section and the "Blue-eyed Girl" group in the folk lyric section, but notes that the "Blue-eyed Girl" group may have been used for play parties. It also notes the connection with "Shady Grove", the tunes and the lyrics are pretty interchangeable.


A. This lyric was contributed by Bascom Lamar Lunsford of Turkey Creek, NC. He said he learned it from a banjo picker, Fletch Rymer in 1898.

How old are you, my pretty little miss?
How old are you my honey?
She looked at me with a smiling look;
"I'll be sixteen next Sunday."

It's fly around, my blue-eyed girl,
It's fly around my daisy;
It's fly around, my blue-eyed girl,
You've done run me crazy.

Will you marry me, my pretty little miss?
Will you marry me, honey?
She looked at me with a smiling look;
I'll marry you some Sunday.

It's every day and Sunday too
It seems so dark and hazy
I'm thinking about my blue-eyed girl-
She's done run me crazy

It's every day and Sunday too
I hang my head and cry;
I'm thinking about my blue-eyed girl -
Oh, surely I will die!

If I had no horse at all
I'd be found a-crawlin'
Up and down the rocky branch
Looking for my darlin'

B. This one was from James York of Olin, NC. It's a real composite since the third verse has apparently crept in from a prison song and the last verse from another song called "Bonnie Blue Eyes"

Fly around, my blue eyed girl,
Fly around, my daisy; Fly around, myblue eyed girl,
You almost run me crazy.

Hard to love when you can't be loved,
It's hard to change your mind.
You've broke my heart, you've killed me dead,
You left me far behind.

They bound my hands with iron bands,
They bound my feet with chains;
And before I leave my sweet daisy
I'd wear the old shackles again.

Don't cry, my bonnie blue eyes,
Don't cry, my bonnie, don't cry
For if you cry you'll spoil you eyes;
Don't cry, my bonnie blue eyes.

C. This one was contributed of Otis Kuykendall of Asheville, NC

The stormy clouds are rising,
It sure looks like rain.
Hitch up Mike and Charlie, boys
And drive little Liza Jane.

Fly around my pretty little miss,
Fly around my daisy,
Fly around, my pretty little miss,
You almost run me crazy.

Went up to the mountain top,
Gave my horn a blow.
Thought I heard somebody say,
Yonder comes my beau.

You may ride the grey horse
And I will ride the roan;
You may court the other girl,
But leave mine alone.

D. The last one in this group was from the singing of Mrs. N J Herring of Tomahawk, NC. This is also very composite with a chorus from "Shady Grove", a verse from the play party song "Wish I Had A Needle and Thread" and a floating verse about the yellow girl.

Fly around, my blue-eyed miss,
Fly around , my daisy
Fly around my blue-eyed miss,
You're about to run me crazy.

Shady Grove, my little love,
Shady Gove, I say;
Shady Gove my little love,
Going far away.

Massy had a yellow girl,
Brought her from the south;
Her hair was kinked uon her head
She couldn't shut her mouth.

I wish I had a needle and thread
As fine as I could sew;
I'd sew my sweetheart to my side
And down the river I'd go.

Wish I had a banjo string
Made of golden twine;
Every tune I could pick on it
'I wish that gal was mine.'

Wish I was a mocking-bird
In yonders mountain high;
I'd take wings and fly
To my true love's side.

rich r