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Posted By: GUEST,jOhn
29-Jun-05 - 09:52 AM
Thread Name: BS: Hull Hamster Juggling Club
Subject: ..
Guest asking about how making moving letters was me [jOhn from Hull],
and wsyiygiy is say "lok at view sauce"
waht bloody sauce? waht you on about?
and now all people show off, by making all moving letters.

I ask libary woman [ i said "sqooze me, how i do this then"? [and point to moving letters] , but she says "sorry, dont know".

she is really old , probably about 60 or something.

she says i could do compter course, but i cant be arsed, i just want to make moving letters like they did.
i got an idea, i will look at cumputer book, i,'lll be back later.

were is computer books in this place then?
i will ask that old woman.