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Posted By: Grab
01-Jul-05 - 12:27 PM
Thread Name: BS: Trans - Pennine Trail
Subject: RE: BS: Trans - Pennine Trail
Paul, I've never heard that put quite so well before! ;-)

National Trust unfortunately do have Land Rovers going around with wardens, not so much to keep people off as to travel between places. But if a warden happens to go past a tent, chances are you'll be out on your ear - especially in summer, when every drunken arsehole and his dog decides it'd be nice to camp on the moors by the road, strew the area with broken bottles and let the dog chase the sheep.

Some years back, about a week before Xmas, I camped next to the toilets at the bottom of Stanage Edge in the Peaks. A warden happened along and stopped to try and turf me out. Luckily I was on the loo at the time, so I just sat tight and said nothing while he wandered around calling "anyone here?" :-) Next morning he came along while I was packing. He said he didn't mind me doing it bcos I obviously knew what I was doing and wasn't leaving any trace I'd been there, but in summer he was forever kicking people off the hills.