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Posted By: Dave the Gnome
01-Jul-05 - 04:34 PM
Thread Name: BS: Trans - Pennine Trail
Subject: RE: BS: Trans - Pennine Trail
I'm afraid this advice is almost on a par with "In England, it is customary to greet a lady by grasping her breasts with both hands and saying 'cor, what a bunch'"

Lovely similie, Paul. I'll use it to take the piss out of someone who is trying to help as well if I may;-)

I am English, btw. Have been for the last 52 years. Have been a keen walker in and visitor to the northern parks for at least 35 of them. Have camped on top of many peaks in the peak district aside many lakes in the lake district and hidden up many a vale in the dales! I must say though I haven't done so for more than 20 years. Which is why I said Worth checking out if things are still the same. Especialy considering the new countryside act, right to roam etc. Which seems to have been missed from your cut and paste somehow. I cannot imagine it was ommitted just to get a cheap laugh so I guess it must have been technical difficulties:-P

Seriously though. Anyone realy know where the new right to roam legislation leaves us as far as camping, particularly in the wilder parts, goes? And even more seriously. Just when are you guys starting this walk?


Dave the Gnome