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03-Jul-05 - 07:34 PM
Thread Name: Lyr/Chords Add: A-Begging We Will Go
Subject: RE: Chords Add: A-begging we will go
redone all but the parenthesis are original broadside:

The beggars chorus in the JOVIAL CREW. Based on A Jovial Crew,

or, The Merry Beggars (1641). Imprimis 1683.

       F            Bb         F            C7
There was a jovial beggar, he had a wooden legg
Dm            (Gm)       C7            F
Lame from his cradle and forc├ęd for to beg

       Gm    C7      F       (C7)
And a-begging I will go, I will go,
(Bb)   Gm    C7    F (C7)
and a-begging I will go.

A bag for my oatmeal, and another for my rye.
A little bottle by my side to drink when I am a dry.

A bag for my wheat, and another for my salt
A little pair of crutches, to see how I can halt

To pimlicoe wee'l go where merry we shall be
And ev'ry man with a can in's hand and a wench upon his knee

And when that we're disposed, we tumble on the grass
With long patch'd coates, for to a hide a pretty lass

Seaven years I served, my old master's wild
Seaven years I begged, whilst I was but a child

I had the pretty knack, for to wheedle and to cry
By young and by old, much pittyed e're was I

Fatherless and motherless, still was my complaint
And none that ever saw me but took me for a saint

I begg'd or my master and got him store of pelf
But Jove now be praised I do beg for my self

Within a hollow tree, I live and pay no rent
Providence provides for me and I am well content

I fear no plots against me, but live in open cell.
Why who would be a king when a beggar lives so well.

[Of all the trades in England, a-beggin' is the best
For when a beggar's tired, You can lay him down to rest.]