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Posted By: jeffp
07-Jul-05 - 03:29 PM
Thread Name: BS: Logic puszzle
Subject: RE: BS: Logic puszzle
Mr. P:    I cannot tell which card it is.

It must be A, Q, 4, or 5, the only ranks with duplicates.

Mr. Q:    I know you cannot tell.

It must be hearts or diamonds, the only suits where all cards are duplicated in another suit.

Mr. P:    Based on what you just said, I know which card it is now.

It cannot be the ace, since that is present in both hearts or diamonds. Mr. P knows the rank, since he was told. He now knows the suit because it is not one of the side suits.

Mr. Q:    Well, I also know which card it is now.

This narrows it down to one card. The other one in the suit with only 2 cards, one of which is not duplicated in the other red suit.

The card is the 5 of diamonds.

I think.