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Posted By: s6k
07-Jul-05 - 08:18 PM
Thread Name: BS: Hull Hamster Juggling Club
Subject: RE: BS: Hull Hamster Juggling Club
ok, to make a text scroll, flash, and red, you would put in the following.

(marquee)(blink)(font color=red)TEXT HERE(/marquee)(/blink)(/font)

of course, replace the brackets ( and ) with < and > the same as i said before

when i remember how to make the text bigger, i will post that here too
but its something like (font size=+3)TEXT(/font)

also note, that if you have both a colour AND a bigger font size, you dont need to use (/font) twice at the end, just once will suffice

i will test this below, and if you see large writing in blue, you will know that the code is (font size=+3) and any number - i think it goes from 2 to 4