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08-Jul-05 - 12:22 PM
Thread Name: BS: Logic puszzle
Subject: RE: BS: Logic puszzle
Dianavan - no, I do understand fully!

I was lucky enough to have teachers who preferred that I got the WRONG answer with the correct procedure on test to giving the Correct answer with the wrong (or no) procedure.

I'm just lazy.

and of course - horribly mentally scarred permanently by having been marked down when I had the correct answers.-

Seriously - I had one teacher who said he would have probably given me a zero on one test because it appeared to be a classic example of copying the answers from another - except

A) I was the first person finished

b) he had deliberately placed me in a location where not only couldn't I possibly copy from anyone else - but they couldn't copy from me.

c) he already knew from previous work that I would often "jump" from one step to the next without working it out on paper - or even consciously.

so he just made me redo it. and redo it. and redo it. until I had every single stupid step of every single problem on the entire friggin test written out on the paper.

I got sick and tired of seeing that test paper come back with "missing steps" written across it.

but I did learn a lesson.