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Posted By: Brendy
20-Dec-99 - 02:55 AM
Thread Name: BS: Hangover Cure
Subject: RE: BS: Hangover Cure
But there is one thing to remember. Fourteen months is not a lifetime, and if one admits if the drug is more powerful, then it also suggests that it has been fought with up until that occasion.
Unfortunately there is no other way than 'One day at a time'. Because we live that way, and everything that we do is in the present, therefore addiction has to dealt with on a day to day basis.
By admitting that one has given up the fight with this killer of many, and is now walking away from it saying "You win", then there is no fight anymore. Nothing to prove.
I'm glad that you have lasted fourteen months, and I hope that continues and continues and continues, but addiction to anything is a disease of complacency, hence the one day at a time ethic, one second at a time if necessary, because we are all just one drink away from it.

LOL Breandán