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Posted By: s6k
12-Jul-05 - 04:05 PM
Thread Name: BS: Is This Weather Shite ???
Subject: RE: BS: Is This Weather Shite ???
too bloddy hot, is where you go to bed, and 3 hours later you are sweating and realise that for the last 3 hours youve bean trying to get to bloddy sleep, but failed, and probably will fail for the rest of the night
thats too bloody hot, or when theres more people on that bloddy beach - brighton, or wherever the hell it is, when theres more people there than sand, and people walking about naked and men walking around in bloody small tight speedos that are too bloody small and think they look goood.

well = you dont look good, you look like a bloddy idiot, put some shorts on, idiot.

and also= some of them, bloody walk around in speedos and swimming goggles, bloody stupid! then they look even more stupif!!!!

so, put some shorts on instead of bloody tight speedos, tight speedos also contributing to global warming, put some shorts on, stupid people! or if you want to wear bloody speedos, bloody stay in your house then, and walk around in them! we dont want to see your bloody speedos.

PS - all this is when you know its too bloody hot