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20-Dec-99 - 06:00 PM
Thread Name: Help: Beatles, Henry Kaiser & Higgins Boats
Subject: RE: Help: Beatles, Henry Kaiser & Higgins Boats
The Spruce Goose was a project that H.H. would not let die. H.K. had the good sense to go onto to better and more promising ventures.
Sourdough,Do you have the Kaiser Story as produced by Kaiser Industries? I still have mine from the 18 years I was employed at Kaiser Steel-Fontana, Calif. The steel mill H.K. had built on the west coast to make steel for his demanding Liberty ships. The book is a brief history in words and pictures. If you do not have it, I'd be willing to LOAN it to you for a little while (sorry, not for sale).Just connect with me through the Mud's e-mail.