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Posted By: Deckman
13-Jul-05 - 06:44 PM
Thread Name: Help ...'The Magic Penny'
Subject: RE: Help ...'The Magic Penny'
This memorial service will be for a very special person who impacted thousands of students in his career with the Everett Public school system.

I'll try a little thread creep here ... after all, I started this thread ... and tell everyone of my one Malvina Reynolds encounter:

It was at a public concert in Berkeley, California, about 1964. A friend of ours, the late Dave Spence, and his wife JoAnne, were on stage singing their portion of the evenings' concert.

Dave was a native of Belfast, Ireland. He introduced a song as a "traditional song" from the "auld country!" He then sang Malivina's song, "Little Land." After he finished, Malvina stood up in the audience and spoke quite loudly to Dave, who of course was at the mike.

She said, "Sir! I'll have you know that I WROTE THAT SONG ... MYSELF!!!"

Dave was flabbergasted and speechless. He REALLY thought it was a traditional Irish song. After a few moments of embarrassed silence, he simply stood there and appologized for his error.

Malvina was equally gracious and said "thank you for giving credit to my work."

As a fellow performer, I think I was sweating just as much blood as Dave was.

Later, as we relaxed together, Dave was full of recrimitations that he hadn't researched the song thourghly enough.

Anyway ... that's my thread creep! CHEERS, and thanks again everyone! Bob(deckman)Nelson