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Posted By: GUEST,robomatic
15-Jul-05 - 08:14 PM
Thread Name: BS: Waaaaay UP! To Alaska....
Subject: RE: BS: Waaaaay UP! To Alaska....
Used to be that when flying from Anchortown to one of those destinations north of the Arctic Circle, the pilots would regularly spin a little yarn about the 'arctic band of turbulence' you had to cross in order to get north of of the circle, kinda akin to the pantsing and keel-hauling they give to tourists on boats crossing the I D Line (oh, nobody told you?). Anyhow, someone pissed and moaned about this habit of shaking the plane up and down when crossing the critical latitude and the chairbound executives gave orders would the pilots please stop.

Next flight up, the pilot came on and said: "Now, we've been told to explain how maybe in the past we gave a sample of arctic circle chop, and that maybe we used the aircraft controls to exagerate the chop, but of course there isn't always turbulence at this point.

HOWEVER, if you've ever looked at a globe or a map, you've observed there is a line of dashes placed exactly at the arctic circle, and sometimes we have to navigate to avoid them, so please stay buckled."

followed by a STEEP turn to the left, and a STEEP turn back to the right.