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Posted By: emjay
20-Jul-05 - 04:37 PM
Thread Name: BS: Waaaaay UP! To Alaska....
Subject: RE: BS: Waaaaay UP! To Alaska....
I've had trouble getting to Mudcat for the last few days so had missed this thread completely. I first came to Alaska in 1955 and people kept telling me, "You should have seen it in the old days before .... " and to this day there is still something that has spoiled the real Alaska to hear some people tell it. It might be the ferry system, the Alaska Highway or cable TV. It is still a beautiful and interesting place but after 40 years here, I am so used to it, I can't think what might be interesting to someone who doesn't live here.
Ragdall, your last link led to a lovely picture of violets, not wild geraniums. Wild geraniums grow all over the lower 48, they are not unique to Alaska, and they resemble violets only in color. Any good wild flower book should have pictures of them.
Our days are getting shorter now. I had to get up at 10 after 1 this morning to drive a suddenly homesick grandchild home. It was dark enough to use headlights, though not dark enough to use a flashlight out in the yard.
The thing most amazing to me after so many years here are dark nights that are warm! That is very rare here. When it gets dark, it is usually getting cold.
I lived first in Ketchikan where we were married in the territory of Alaska. I have also lived in Juneau, and now in the Matanuska Valley.
Moose regularly visit our yard, Bear and fox come less often.