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Posted By: gnu
23-Jul-05 - 12:46 PM
Thread Name: BS: Waaaaay UP! To Alaska....
Subject: RE: BS: Waaaaay UP! To Alaska....
What did you expect in SKAGway? Now, I'll tell you about the barskag, er, ah, barmaid, in Nain, Labrador if you'll tell me about the Skag in Ladyway... did "it" require a dose of serum?

Anyone ever read "The Sparrow Falls"? I think that's the name of it. Been over thirty years, but I can still "see" the dog growling. Minds me of your dog team, Rap.

Hmmm... one time, in an Otter, we lifted off from the water at Makkovik, Labrador and buddy nailed her full flaps at redline. We never got any more than forty feet up. We dipped twice and nearly pranged both times before he decided it was a no-go and feathered back into the bay. We just had too much weight. I could only see the passenegrs on my side of the plane because the entire "aisle" was loaded to the ceiling with mail parcels and other freight. Passengers were holding their luggage in their laps.

Back to the dock and unload freight. At one point, Old One-Eye, the pilot, lifted a burlap bag and asked, "'oo h'own's dis and whot da 'ell is it?" I replied, "That's mine. It's a soil sample." He looked at me curious and then threw the bag toward the dock... but it "slipped" and sank into the cold water. Old One-Eye looked at me and said, "Ne're a worry me love, dere be lotsa rocks in Goose Bay."