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Posted By: MTed
22-Dec-99 - 01:14 AM
Thread Name: Twelve Days of Christmas-for teaching catechism?
Subject: RE: Twelve Days of Christmas

If you'd like to download, the Baltimore Catechism is here, and yes, one day soon, I'll remember how to do the blue clicky thing--

The I had the other catechism somewhere, but haven't been able to find them again--at any rate, I wasn't saying that the things I mentioned weren't part of teachings, I was just giving them as examples of what may have varied from one catechism to another--I am not even sure exactly which items it was--

At any rate, someone else mentioned somewhere that Christmas was made illegal by the puritans for a time, which meant that singing a christmas song would have gotten you in as much trouble as anything else--

And if, as someone mentioned, the roots of the song are French, then it shoots the arguement there, as well..