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Posted By: Cool Beans
27-Jul-05 - 04:05 PM
Thread Name: Dumb lyrics to help remember tunes
Subject: Dumb lyrics to help remember tunes
It's hard to remember tunes without words (at least if you're me)so I make up stupid lyrics for otherwise wordless tunes as a mnemonic device.
For instance, to remember "Leather Britches" I came up with:
I've got leather britches
Lots of little stitches
Lordy how it itches.
Got to get some underwear.

For "Hunting the Buffalo" I relied on the word "Tatunka," which is Lakota for "buffalo," according to "Dances With Wolves." Hence:
In the west there's many a tatunka
On the plains with the aromatic sage.

That's enough to get me going and I always remember those tunes now.
Tell me I'm not alone.