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Posted By: open mike
27-Jul-05 - 08:49 PM
Thread Name: Dumb lyrics to help remember tunes
Subject: RE: Dumb lyrics to help remember tunes
on the other hand,,,i have a memnonic (swp?) for remembering the words
to a Sarter Family song i sing. It helps me rem3ember the verses to the song which start with "Wonderful" "Folks" and "Praises". in order to
get them I just say the word "Whiffenpoof" and I know that W, F, and P
are the first lines..i hope i never forget the word whiffenpoof..

which now i had to look up to see what the heck it was..
apparently it was (is) a song by Bing Crosby--i wonder
what i would need in order to remember IT??