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Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
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Definition: Tathagata:

Literally, "one who has become authentic (tatha-agata)," an epithet used in ancient India for a person who has attained the highest religious goal. In Buddhism, it usually denotes the Buddha, although occasionally it also denotes any of his arahant disciples.

Usually translated as "Thus Come One." He who came as did all Buddhas, who took the absolute way of cause and effect, and attained to perfect wisdom; one of the highest titles of a Buddha (Charles Luk).

(Pali, Sanskrit; Chinese, ju-lai; Japanese, nyorai; Korean, yotae: usually left untranslated; if translated, then as 'Thus-gone', or 'Truth-finder'). According to Buddhist tradition, the title chosen for Buddha by himself. The title was intended to convey his identity as a perfect being, though the precise meaning of the word remains problematic. Etymologically, it can be read as (i) 'thus-gone' (tatha gata) or 'thus-come' (tatha agata), generally taken to mean 'one who has gone (or come)' ie attained emancipation; (ii) 'one come (agata) to the truth (tatha)'. The etymology may itself be suspect, however, since it is