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Posted By: Malcolm Douglas
28-Jul-05 - 09:14 PM
Thread Name: Who Actually Wrote City of New Orleans?
Subject: RE: Who Actually Wrote City of New Orleans?
That's true. "Fans" will often look no further than their favourite performer. The web is full of ignorant misinformation promulgated by irresponsible fools who think they are doing the world a favour. They mean so well, and do so much damage. In many cases they'd have the right information if they bothered to look at the copyright details on the record they presumably own; but it's also true that many performers neglect to credit their sources. Some, no doubt, do so in order to avoid having to share royalties; others through simple ignorance or (just perhaps) forgetfulness.

The problem with the DT is that it is administered by a very small number of people who accept information on trust but who are not prepared to allow others directly to make corrections to it. The result is a choice between quantity and quality. In the past they have gone for quantity. As a result, the database still contains a large amount of complete rubbish. Generally, corrections are available in the Forum; unfortunately, the forum itself also contains vast tracts of nonsense posted by people who didn't know what they were talking about.

That is democratic, but ultimately creates more problems than it solves. Until the DT accepts the necessity of responsible delegation, it will continue to be inaccurate, misleading, and years out of date.

It is still, at its best, the most useful resource of its kind available anywhere on the internet. It is time that it made a proper effort to bring its worst content up to the standard of its best.