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01-Aug-05 - 04:58 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Assorted Campaign Songs (1844 election)
Subject: Lyr Add: JIMMY POLK OF TENNESSEE (Campaign 1844)

AIR -- 'Dandy Jim of Caroline'

    D    G          D       A7
Oh ev'ry day brings something new
    D   A7      D       A7
The locofocoes find it [true]
And strange events have proved to Martin
       G       A7       D
That doubtful things are very unsartin

    D                G
But hark, the people rising say
      D                     A7
That he is not the man to cope with Clay
D          7         G   B° (E7)
Ha, ha ha, ha such a nominee
    A7             D
As Jimmy Polk of Tennessee?

Come listen Whigs and Locos all,
Your kind attention here I call
And mark the burthen of the glee
Ex-Speaker Polk of Tennessee

Polk's choice occasioned some surprise
Good democrats rolled up their eyes
Our candidate pray who is he?
Why James K Polk of Tennessee?

But soon their vast excitement o'er
They see what ne'er was seen before
The best selection that could be
Ex-Speaker Polk of Tennessee?

Fall down before a better man
Than even little Matty Van
Buchanan too, must bow the knee
To Ex-Speaker Polk of Tennessee?

[Whig song ridiculing the dark horse democratic nominee, and under-estimating him in the process. Related to main accusation of whigs, 'Who in the hell is James K Polk?']