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Posted By: Chet W.
23-Dec-99 - 02:07 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Worried Man Blues
Subject: RE: it takes a worried man
Gary, We are a colorful people; we sing, we dance, we talk different. You're absolutely right about wearied/worried. I always heard my grandfather say worry so that it sounded almost just like weary. My parents less so. Now my youngest sister (a late wonderful surprise child who is now twenty-two) doesn't talk much like the rest of us, and young teenagers here learned a lot of their language from TV, so to hear them talk they might have come from California. Even sadder, a good many people of my generation or older who grew up with a distinct accent (coastal South Carolina) actually changed their accents after watching The Dukes of Hazard and the Beverly Hillbillies and such as that. In a another generation or two our way of speaking will be gone. An odd thing, when I went away to college in 1972, just across the state in Greenville, near the mountains, I found that I had a hard time being understood, so I had to actually work at it just to communicate.