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Posted By: katlaughing
23-Dec-99 - 07:37 PM
Thread Name: Solstice Moon Was Gorgeous!!
Subject: Solstice Moon Was Gorgeous!!
Because of our high altitude, the full moon last night, on Solstice, was 20% brighter; enought to keep waking me up. I kept thinking it was dawn!

First time, I wandered out to the back door, with dawg in tow, in my short "jammies" and Birk sandals to take a peek. 130a and it's already over the top of my house, SO...I ahve to step gingerly out onto the snow to look at it back over the house. Sandals....not good in snow. The dawg and I made a quick retreat, shivering; crawled into a warm bed and tried to sleep, again. All the time the dawg was thinking, "Bonus! I get to pee in the middle of the more holding it 'til daylight!"

He was ecstatic, then, when I got up at 4a to take another look, but I fooled him. This time it was to the west & all I had to do was look out my front window. There she was glowing so brightly, not a cloud remnant left from early evening; the pale sister's light was reaching everywhere during her "fifteen minutes of fame".

We women or wemoon, as some of us like to say, have a natural affinity with the moon. Good vibes; a little hint at mystery and hidden power; enduring; patient; soul-fulfilling. What a grand site she was; glad to have been around and that the clouds of the day finally blew away, like a swept back curtain call, then she took center stage.

Hoep you all had a chance to see her, too.