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06-Aug-05 - 07:17 AM
Thread Name: Songs about the Great War (WWI)
Subject: RE: Songs about the Great War
The Great War left a great impression on Australia. All over the country, in almost every country town, a War Memorial was eventually erected, often in the very centre of town. Many of them were not erected until the 1920's. Many small towns were gutted of a generation, those not killed or severely injured (limb loss, lung and eye damage) were often mentally scarred for life. Some towns have ceased to exist nowadays, but the monument is still in what was the focal point of the town. Many country towns had most of their casualties in a single battle or even day, as they usually had enlisted en masse, and ended up in the same fighting unit.

The one in Toowoomba - a large country town in Queensland - was called, and still is today, "The Mother's Memorial". It was shifted from a main town intersection to East Creek Park - near Queen's Park.

There is a story that is was supposed to be made of solid marble, but when moved it was discovered that it was not solid marble.

I once as a child attended the Dawn Service in Bundaberg in the main intersection opposite the Post Office Clock Tower corner - another large country town, and it was eerie, what with the newly installed traffic lights flashing amber in the dawn light.

Many work places, such as the Post Office and large businesses used to display until quite recently 'Honor Rolls' - wooden boards with gilt names of members of staff who did not return. These were usually added to regularly as casualties were confirmed. Many of these businesses have ceased to exist in the modern world due to takeovers and bankruptcies.