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Posted By: McGrath of Harlow
23-Dec-99 - 09:25 PM
Thread Name: Solstice Moon Was Gorgeous!!
Subject: RE: Solstice Moon Was Gorgeous!!
Dense cloud and no moon on the big night. Looked pretty good the night before, blue ring round it - think that's where the expression "Blue Moon" comes from.

This may break the poetic mood, but I've got to share it. And old colllege friend just sent me his Christmas letter. Complained how his students (degeee type students these) didn't seem to have much historical knowledge.

He quoted one as having written how, "in the late sixties, the first man, an American, set foot in the moon. He was called Louis Armstrong."

It's a great image though - Satchmo standing there in a spacesuit, looking up at the Earth and singing "What a Wonderful World."