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Posted By: BK
28-Oct-97 - 01:19 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: You Were on My Mind (Sylvia Fricker)
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God, I hope so!! this is really fantastic - I'm going to get the We Five CD's as soon as I can. I have long been an Ian & Sylvia fan and liked the song when I first heard it there, but feel the definitive version was by the We Five. I also think they do the definitive - and truly fantastic - version of "cast your fate to the wind." I can't rremember which of their albums it's on, so I hope it's on the CD.

Now if only..... some of my other favorite 60's stuff will just get re-released on CD, such as... any/all of the Sandpipers albums, the original Brazil '66, with Astrud Gilberto, etc.. ALL (I would fervently hope) of the Joe & Eddie albums... would be a reasonable start on heaven, and of course, the rest of the original We Five - I have a We Five album apparently released later without Beverly Bevens (I thought it was Bivens, as in a "Bivens' action" - civil rights suit based on "deliberate indifference.") Seriously, if anyone knows abt some of these other albums in CD format, I hope they post it.

Shula - join the failing memory chorus - I've always had one..

Cheers, and thanks, Joe, for the super information.. BK