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Posted By: Joe Offer
28-Oct-97 - 04:00 AM
Thread Name: How to search for songs -READ ME!
Subject: RE: How to search for songs -READ ME!
Close, Murray, but no cigar. If you put a number of words in the search box without brackets, the database will bring up any songs that have ALL the words listed, in any order. If you put the phrase in square brackets, you will get only the songs that contain that specific phrase. thy the following:
foggy foggy
[foggy foggy]
foggy train
[foggy train]
If my calculations are correct, one of these will bring up no record, two will bring up one song only, and one will bring up several songs. If my calculations are not correct, I claim no responsibility for any disaster that may occur. But believe me, this demonstration will give you a remarkable demonstation of the amazing search capabilities of our database. Or maybe it won't.
-Joe Offer-