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Posted By: Amos
10-Aug-05 - 03:01 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
A ladye theyre was too, ande moste fayre
Whose postings alle beleevd were all too Rayre
In Luhve and Passion none could Her surpasse
Of featyure fine and fair of fayce, this Lasse.

She alle men did surprise, by saying sure
That alle unloved Squeejes should to Her
Be sente post-haste that she with care and Hugges
Could soon revive them of their Rubbery Bugges
Undo theyre Wuden Natures and By love of Maid
To vibrant gentle Squeejes changed she they!

This maiden fayre, Rusticke yclept, in sooth
Knew well Alle Squuejes, and bespoke fulle trooth.
And thene Mysteriouslie Vanished, like unto a Mouse
So fulle withe Squeejes were here Maylebox and her House!
Buried in Squeejes, yet she shalle Prevayle
So fulle her hearte, which telles the Richer Tale

Though she with Sueejes now her Tyme doth burne
YEt shall she Once Agayne returne,
Like to Faiyre Venus, known as Even Star,
When all such squeejes full revived are.

The Handmaiden's Tale, from
"Lost Subtexts of Chaucer",
Oregano, Thyme, Cadwallader, eds.
Wiley Evasions, Inc. New York, 1959