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Posted By: dick greenhaus
28-Oct-97 - 03:26 PM
Thread Name: How to search for songs -READ ME!
Subject: RE: How to search for songs -READ ME!
Joe, you have it. A space between words is equivalent to an implied AND. A square bracket before and after searches for a phrase. [foggy foggy] gets one hit; foggy foggy gets 18. If you want to expand your search horizons, {not} (surrounded by curly brackets) can be used to limit searches. foggy dew returns some sixteen or so hits, foggy {not} dew returns six that contain the word foggy but not the word dew. And, as a reminder, wildcards are very powerful. The DT accepts a wildcard * BEFORE as well as AFTER a group of letters. So, *bird returns bluebird, blackbird, redbird, bigbird etc.; bird* gets bird, birdy, birdie, birding etc.