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19-Aug-05 - 01:48 PM
Thread Name: happy? - Aug 18 (Vor der Kaserne)
Subject: RE: happy? - Aug 18 (Vor der Kaserne)
Leip's 1915 poem was about two girls (see last paragraph).

Lili Marleen, in the DT, has a couple of mis-spelled words, and some capitalizations where none belong in the Hans Leip poem, also a repetition of the last line of each verse, an addition in the later song with a new melody.

The original tune, a lovely one, is largely forgotten. McGrath of Harlow reproduced the fine midi to the tune as provided by Wolfgang (04 Nov 02, thread 37963) from here: Hans Leip
This site (scroll to bottom of page) has sheet music for the original as well as the midi. (Old site- download the midi and score while it is still available).

Just before the war, Leip's book, "Die Laterne, Lieder und Gedichte," was published, including his poem of 1915. By 1942, over 20,000 copies had been printed by the Stuttgart publisher (The paper in my copy is browning- war-time German paper).

The poem, written in 1915, was first published in his book "Fruehe Lieder." It synthesized Leip's memory of TWO girls he had known, Lili and Marleen.
See thread 37963: Lili Marleen