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Posted By: paddymac
27-Dec-99 - 03:28 PM
Thread Name: Mudcat Tavern (Some Number, Who Knows?)
Subject: RE: Mudcat Tavern (Some Number, Who Knows?)
Jeez, Mick, thanks fer the pint. I was just coming through the door when I heard you speak up and bu the round. It's a grand thing you do, lad, fer yer fellow man. Hi, Bill. I'll take ye up on you offer of a wee dram o that Connemara stuff. Last time I went through Shannon duty free I politely chastized the fair lass for encouraging people to buy Irish whiskey made in obvious imitation of Scotch whiskey. Mind you, I do enjoy the occassional bit o scotch, but why try to emulate an inferior product? I mean, the Scots are decent folk, but hey burnt that first batch and apparently got hooked on it. Well, the wee lass put me straight in a hurry. She said, oh so politely, and wid a smile that would melt an Orangeman's heart, "Sir, 'tis true that customers rarely ever ask for this by name,but we sell tons of it to people who seem to at least think they know something about good whiskey and ask for a single malt. Rather than sell them a bottle of Scotch, we sell then a bottle of Connemara. It satisfys their want, and keps the money in Ireland. Now, I ask ye, what the hell was a gintleman to do but buy a bottle himself. Here it is. We've two bottles of it now. That should get us through the night. Hey, Big Mick, come on over and sit a spell. I need you to tell me about James Connolly writing poetry and songs.