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Posted By: Dave Swan
27-Dec-99 - 04:25 PM
Thread Name: Mudcat Tavern (Some Number, Who Knows?)
Subject: RE: Mudcat Tavern (Some Number, Who Knows?)
O.K., here's the deal. I just spent some time with Canute of Canute's Racing Reindeer and he's in a slack period in the racing season. Says he'll match his beasts against anything that moves, and he's willing to lend us a sleigh and harness. So, we start small, put a few bucks on the bar. First we race Cletus driving Catspaw's Wiemaraner and my Dalmation, they tangle the harness, dash off into the woods and cross the finish line well behind Canute. Further establishing ourselves as rubes, we up the bet and enter Catspaw and MMario driving a brace of opossums. Nothing happens. For a long time. Canute picks up the cash by default and is feeling pretty smug. We roll the bet way up on our last go. Now we enter the secret weapon. Alison, dressed in jockey's silks driving Big Mick. Picture him in harness pawning the snow like some read-headed Sasquatch as Alison toys with her riding crop. At the last minute we snatch Alison out of the driver's seat and shove in Koko. Mick, looking back over his shoulder one last time sees Koko, spooks, and in his blind panic to get away from her sets a land speed record. Bingo, we're in beer money for a month. I kind of hate to spring Koko on Mick again, but he has got Alison to defend him.