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Posted By: Roberto
26-Aug-05 - 02:36 AM
Thread Name: DTStudy: Captain Ward
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I add the text of the ballad as sung by Dave Burland. I'd say it is taken from Ewan MacColl's recordings, with the spell anglicized. R

Captain Ward and the Rainbow
Dave Burland, in Dave Burland, Trailer LER 2082, 1972. From Gavin Greig's Last Leaves of Aberdeen Ballads and Ballad Airs.

Come all you jolly mariners
That loves to take a dram
I'll tell you of a robber bold
That o'er the seas did come

And he wrote a letter to his king
On the eleventh of July
To see if he would accept of him
For his jovial company

O, no, no - Says the king
Such things can never be
For I fear you are a robber
A robber on the sea

So he has built a bonnie ship
And sent her on to sea
Wi' four an' twenty mariners
To guard his bonnie ship wi'

And they've sailed up and they've sailed down
So stately, blythe and free
Until they spied the king's Reindeer
A-sailing on the sea

Why lie ye here, you tinkers?
Ye silly coordly thieves
Why lie ye here, you tinkers
And hold our king in grief?

And they fought from one o' clock in the morn
Till it was six at night
Until the king's High Reindeer
Was forced to take her flight

Go home, go home, you tinkers
And tell your king from me:
That tough he reign king upon good dry land
I will reign king upon sea