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28-Aug-05 - 07:46 PM
Thread Name: BS: Bobert to take on Katrina...
Subject: RE: BS: Bobert to take on Katrina...
And, if them there Episcopalefaces can't contact that there bunch in PA to confirm that you have a direct connection to the almighty, just go to any Cat'lic church. They'll put ya up. Feed ya. Clothe ya. And not even ask ya fer a donation or eternal servitude. Funny eh, how near 60 % a North America is Cat'lic, and thems like the Jeesly Hovahs and all still don't get it that if the Cat'lics was as intolerant as them, there wouldn't be any a them.

Sorry, darlin, if I may have offended, but, dang!!!... seriously, your church needs ta "clear" people in a hurricane?