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Posted By: Q (Frank Staplin)
29-Aug-05 - 05:31 PM
Thread Name: Lyr/Tune Add: The Broomfield Hill

"A wage a love a wager and go along with me;
I'll bet you five hundred to one
That a maiden you may go to the May blooming field
And a maiden you never will return."

Away this young man ran to the May blooming field
His wager all for to win,
He sat himself down by a clear purling stream,
And he set till he fell fast asleep.

Nine times she walked around his head,
And nine times she walked around his feet,
And nine times she kissed his ruby, ruby lips
As he lay on the bank fast asleep.

She had a ring on her little finger,
And on his she placed it as his own;
She placed it there as a token of love
That she had been there but was gone.

"If I'd a-been awake when I was asleep
A maiden she never would return,
For her I would have killed and the blood I would have spilled,
And the butcher told the tale of the dead."

"You falsehearted young man, you hardhearted youth,
Your heart to me is as hard as any stone,
Would you think of killing one who's never harmed you?
I'd a-mourned for the grave you lie in."

Sung by Mrs. Salley A. Hubbard of Salt Lake City, June 26, 1947. She learned it in Willard from "Doc" Lish in 1871.

Lester A. Hubbard, 1961, "Ballads and Songs from Utah," Univ. Utah Press, No. 4 B, pp. 8-9, with music.

Nothing new, but submitted for completeness.